6 Luxury Holiday Destinations Around the World

Las Ventanas al Paraiso Los Cabos MexicoEver wondered where the world’s wealthiest like to spend their holidays? These six luxury vacation spots, with their hefty price tags, ought to be teeming with millionaires and lotto winners! But even if you don’t draw the lucky numbers, you can still dream about someday affording these expensive destination holidays…check out the six luxury holiday destinations you need to put on your bucket list today.

1. Sea Cloud Cruises

Sea Cloud Cruises markets itself as “sailing adventure meets luxury” – but we promise you’ll never feel like you’re roughing it on the great blue seas on their extravagant yacht vacations. For more than $12,000 USD, you and your partner can enjoy a 21-night cruise through the Aegean sea, stopping at luxury destinations from Naples to Valencia. Time to open that savings account, we suppose!

2. Hilltop Estate, Fiji

Ever dreamed of having an entire Fijian villa to you and five friends? For upwards of $300,000, Hilltop Estate will make that dream a reality! Included in the lofty price tag are a personal chef, nanny, chauffeur and many opportunities to explore the island in style. What better way to spend your retirement savings than on an island holiday to remember? (Just kidding.)

3. Aspen, Colorado

The wealthiest people in the world flock to Aspen, Colorado every winter for an elegant holiday of enjoying winter sports and getting cozy with loved ones. In mid-February, Aspen’s busiest season of the year, a week’s stay can cost nearly $8,000. However, according to The Street, you can visit for almost half the price (and twice the temperature!) by visiting in late April instead. Talk about a bargain…

4. Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Los Cabos, Mexico

If you’re looking for a getaway to impress your next lover, look no further than this tropical paradise! This romantic $12,000 vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico will truly bring you to “the windows to paradise. According to ABC News, this price will get you three nights of “Pure Romance” for you and a loved one, including an airport transfer by Mercedes, champagne upon arrival and many other little luxuries throughout your stay.

5. Africa by Private Plane, TCS World Travel

Some people come to Africa by voluntourism – and others come by private plane. According to Stride Travel, this once-in-a-lifetime experience includes priceless excursions such as a scenic two-night train ride to Cape Town and an adventure to Victoria Falls. From the looks of it, both the trip and its $80,000+ price tag will take you and your travel companion’s breath away!

6. Hilton Bora Bora Nui

Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians won’t be able to resist this luxury holiday inspired by Kim K. and company: the famous family allegedly stayed at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui in two Presidential Overwater villas costing more than $4,000 per night. We guess we ought to buy another lottery ticket or two before we book that resort…

So, which will you choose? If it’s out of your price range you best get saving or get playing some online lottery! You never know, you could be able to afford to go away to one of the above fantastic places this year.

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