6 Amenities that should be in every Luxury Hotel Room

There are amenities that should be compulsory for every hotel room to have – plenty of towels, fridge, television etc. When you stay in a luxury hotel room, however, you expect a little more for your buck.

We’re not talking pools here. Any run-down hotel can have a pool…

The amenities we are referring to are those that assist with comfort and convenience – two attributes you expect when staying in a luxury hotel.

Nespresso Machine

If you are a coffee snob, you want real coffee, not complementary coffee sachets that taste like used motor oil. Most of us die hard caffeine fiends need a cup before we are even functional.

Flat White CoffeeWe don’t want to wander down to the hotel café for coffee. That requires effort. Effort we are unable to do before coffee. Get the picture. A Nespresso Coffee Machine and milk frother would be an absolute godsend.


What, you’re going to charge me to use your Wi-Fi?

Are you kidding me?

Pirmais Wi-Fi vilciensI just spent hundreds of dollars for the room and you want to turn me upside down and empty my pockets out too. Get outta here. It’s 2014. Get with the times.

A lot of people who are travelling are reliant on Wi-Fi for a whole range of reasons – the most pressing is for work. It should be included in the price of the room and not seen as an extra to make money from.

Safety Deposit Box

You might tell me your staff can be trusted or that rooms are secure, but I’d rather not take that risk, especially if I am carrying valuable or important documentation like my passport.

Safety DepositA safety deposit box is a very small investment for a hotel to make to give their guests peace of mind. This is providing they are bolted down, of course.

Free water bottles

Water is a basic human right. Luxury hotels should be offering them gratis, instead of for an amount that is basically extortion.

liquidBy giving them free, it is not only in keeping with the ethos of a luxury hotel, but is protecting its clientele for drinking from the tap in places where it may be unsafe to do so. A couple of water bottles per night cost the hotel nothing and will greatly add to the comfort of the clients.

Blackout curtains

Spare me your fancy draperies. I don’t care about an aesthetic fabric pattern. I just want blackout curtains.

My Room In Jakarta.When you travel, your hours can be all over the places and sometimes you just need to be able to sleep after the sun comes up, especially if you’ve just flown in from a different time zone and your body is adjusting. Nothing says rests much like dark room. That is why blackout curtains are essential.

More power outlets

The modern traveller is equipment with a horde of electronic equipment, from personal computers to phones, cameras and music players. As a result, they need multiple power outlets to use and charge them.

power drainDespite this need, many hotels are yet to install a sufficient amount of power outlets. Sure, there’s a few in the room, but they are mostly hooked up to the TV, bedside lamps and alarm clocks. It would be much more convenient for travellers to have access to multiple power outlets.

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