5 Ways Travel Will Change You for the Better

5 Ways Travel Will Change You for the BetterTravel is a transformational experience. There are few things as exciting as boarding a plane to go to a brand new destination or adding a new country to your travel bucket list! Not only does travel offer some amazing experiences, it also makes you a better person. So, whether you’re a newbie traveler or someone globetrotting veteran, you’ll love these 5 ways that travel can change your life.

1. You become more confident

Traveling isn’t just Instagram-worthy photos and happy experiences. It’s also comprised of many small, difficult moments, too. Every time you conquer something difficult, you gain more confidence in your ability to handle anything. Whether it’s negotiating a reasonable taxi fare in Bali, or pushing yourself to scale a mountain in South Africa, you’ll be sure to gain more self-confidence with every hurdle you get past!

2. You gain new perspectives

Witnessing how other people live their lives abroad is sure to immensely change your perspective on your own life. You’ll discover a new sense of appreciation for your old life and everything you once knew, while being able to cherish new cultures and traditions. You may even discover a love for languages as well, and try out online language classes with sites like Listen & Learn, iTalki, or Living Languages while you travel! Language is definitely an excellent way to delve into a foreign culture, and add a brand new dimension to your journey.

3. You value experiences

While bringing home souvenirs can be a fun way to remember your travels, every traveler knows that experiences, not things, are what really matter. There is no souvenir that can capture the feeling of watching a giant turtle lay her eggs on a beach in Oman, or seeing the night lights of Tokyo, or watching the sunrise from a mountain peak in Mexico. The more you travel, the more experiences you’ll gain and each one will make up a small part of the interesting person you’ll become!

4. You get more adventurous

When you travel abroad you’ll have opportunities to try a multitude of new things. Traveling more equates to more adventure which means you’ll be more willing to try something you’ve never done before (or imagined you ever would). You might take up hiking, or join a dragon boat team, or go scuba diving for the first time. There’s something about being in a foreign place that really brings out the adventurer in everyone!

5. You develop new skills

While you might develop an interest in languages because of your travels, it’s most likely impossible for you to learn the language of every single country you travel to. But traveling with limited language knowledge can actually help you develop a new set of skills too! You’ll become more adept at reading and understanding people, even when you don’t speak their language fluently. You’ll become more observant of your surroundings and people’s body language—which can keep you out of potentially dangerous situations. In short, travel will give you some serious skills, so get out there!

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