12 Travel Tips For Adulthood

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Traveling internationally or domestically can be a great way for high school students to expand their horizons, develop self-reliance and build confidence. However, allowing their teen to travel alone to a faraway place can be nerve-wracking for parents. If you’re a wanderlust-struck teenager eager to explore the world, consulting with your parents and tour group organizers can help ensure a safe, fun and memorable trip. Good preparation is essential to helping both you and your parents feel confident as you embark on your first solo sojourn.

Whether you’re jetting to the tropics on spring break trip or taking up temporary foreign residency as part of a study abroad program, remember to bring your passport, visa and photo ID along. And be sure those documents are up to date. If you need to renew your passport, it can take up to six weeks to process. Remember to keep your documents handy to save time while navigating security checkpoints in the airport.

Immerse yourself in a new culture by learning the language. Knowing a few key phrases can help you converse with the locals and make it easier to get around. It’s also helpful to research the cultural norms of your destination, so you can be mindful of appropriate behaviors and clothing.

Book your trip through a trusted travel professional. Though it’s possible to plan your entire trip online by yourself, a travel agent can help you arrange an itinerary, make travel arrangements and offer advice on local tourist attractions.

Globetrotting is one of the best ways to enjoy your teen years, but planning and safety should be your top priorities. For more information on travel tips for young adults, see the accompanying guide.

Author bio: Mark Sotile is Director of Sales for GradCity, which specializes in spring and summer trips for graduating high school seniors and their families. GradCity offers all travel-related needs to multiple destinations, on-site staffing, exclusive events for all travelers and year-round travel specialist assistance. GradCity is the largest travel company for this market.

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